Soaking Prayer

Thursdays, 11am-12pm

Come rest in the presence of God

Hoping to reopen again soon.

We have an amazing God who longs to spend time with us, His children (for each one of us is greatly loved and precious to Him), but the hustle and bustle of our daily lives can prevent us from coming to Him.

Soaking is our response to His invitation to come, to rest and be refreshed in His Presence, to receive His love and to give Him ours, to hear and experience Him, to know Him better, and to be filled up with His Spirit.

Many of us would say that Soaking in God’s Presence has impacted and changed our lives – and we are certain the same can be true for you!

Try Soaking at home, or come and join us when we Soak at Lifehouse, on Thursday's between 11am-12pm. Chairs, mats and cushions are set out around the Soaking room, and background worship music is played, helping us rest and focus on God.

If you want to know more, Soaking information sheets are available, outlining the value of Soaking and what the Bible teaches about being still, waiting on the Lord and resting in Him. Request these through the contact page on the website, or collect at a Soaking session.

God promises that when we seek Him, we will find Him, if we seek Him with all our hearts (Jeremiah 29:13), and He can be trusted to keep His word to us!

Covid-19 Precautions

We have tried to make Soaking as safe and accessible for all during this difficult time. Please follow these guidelines:

  • You will need to book a space in advance. To do so please send us a message on our contact page.
  • Please enter through the front door but exit through the door in the hall signposted 'EXIT’.
  • Please wash/sanitise your hands upon entry and exit.
  • The mats & chairs have been spaced out in line with the government's social distancing guidelines. Please DO NOT MOVE the mats/chairs or move between different ones.
  • Please stay 2 meters anyway from any other person who is not in your social bubble at all times whilst in the building.
  • You MUST wear a face covering at all times whilst inside the building.
  • If you have any of the following symptoms, high temperature, new, continuous cough or a loss of or change to smell or taste please do not enter the building but seek medical advice.
Step 1:
Step 1:

Get Comfortable
There are mats and chairs around the room. Pick a place where you can relax.

Step 2:
Step 2:

Quieten Yourself Down
Take a few minutes to settle down and quieten yourself.

Step 3:
Step 3:

Fix your eyes on Jesus
Say a short prayer and invite Holy Spirit to minister to you.

Step 4:
Step 4:

Just allow God to love upon you, change you, refresh you.